Below is a summary of Agricultural Tyre Online’s trading terms and conditions.

Important Fitting Information...

By purchasing tyres from Agricultural Tyres Online you are fully responsible for the fitting of these tyres correctly. Agricultural Tyres Online does not take any responsibility for incorrectly fitted tyres, and as such are not liable for any claims. We highly recommend that in order to ensure the safe use of your tyres that you get an agricultural tyre specialist to fit your purchased products for you. The following information may be useful in understanding how the fitting process occurs, however we advise using a professional fitter.

  1. Only use the recommended rims
  2. Check that the rims are in good condition (rust free, not bent…)
  3. Put lubricant on the tyre beads and rim
  4. Always use a new tube of the correct size when fitting tube type tyres
  5. Secure the wheel during inflation, preferably in a proper safety cage
  6. Only use an air hose with a pressure gauge that is fitted at a sufficiently safe distance from the valve connection
  7. While inflating, stand at least three metres away from the tyre in the direction of its inflation
  8. Never inflate tractor tyres to more than 250kPa and never higher than 300kPa for implement tyres
  9. If the beads do not appear to be properly seated on the rim flange after fitting, do not try and correct this by inflating above 250kPa. Deflate the tyre, re-centre the beads and re-inflate
  10. The tyre pressure should match the prescribed values based upon the maximum load, maximum speed and working conditions. Use a Vredestein load capacity chart/tyre pressure table for reference
  11. Only use the recommended rim, which should have a load capacity that corresponds to the load capacity and speed capability of the tyre to be fitted

Returns & Refunds...

We want you to be totally satisfied with every purchase you make from Agricultural Tyres Online. If for any reason, you are not completely happy with your purchase, simply contact us within 7 days of delivery and we shall make arrangements to collect items. We will then exchange your purchase or offer you a full refund minus any carriage costs we have incurred. We cannot accept any tyres back if they are damaged in any way. Please be very careful to ensure that you are ordering the correct size tyre, if you order incorrectly and we need to exchange the product for you then the carriage charges for this exchange could be quite substantial for large products.

Tyre Warranty

Tyre manufacturers must establish liability when a tyre is returned as faulty. In order for Agricultural Tyres Online to receive a refund we must send the tyre back to the manufacturer for inspection. If the tyre is found to be faulty then a credit will be raised which will be reduced according to remaining tread depth. We would ask customers to understand the need for proper tyre examination by the manufacturer before establishing liability to replace the tyre. It is not therefore possible to resolve new tyre problems on the spot.

Order Confirmation

Please note that your order is not confirmed until you have received an e-mail stating that goods have been dispatched. Up until this point Agricultural Tyres Online has the right to cancel any placed orders by refunding the order value.

Distance Selling Regulations...

Under the Distance Selling Regulations you have a right to cancel your order for any item purchased on this website for a full refund. To cancel, you can email us or write to us within seven days of delivery of your item(s), quoting your order number. You must take reasonable care of the item(s) and must not use them. You must contact us so that we can arrange collection. If you have an Internet order query, please contact Agricultural Tyres Online on 01482 505526, or email us via our contact us page.


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Order Confirmation

Please note that your order is not confirmed until you have received an e-mail stating that goods have been dispatched. Up until this point Tyremen has the right to cancel any placed orders by refunding the order value.